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Mobile Filmmaking 2010: iPhone 4 and Nokia N8

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Someone’s already set to work making a pretty (if very American) little short drama entirely within the iPhone, using its new HD video camera and built-in iMovie app:

Apple Of My Eye by Michael Koerbel – it’s racked up half a million views in the first 6 days.

When the iPhone 4 hit the shops last week, I was at the Cannes advertising festival, doing some mobile filmmaking to promote the Nokia N86. So it seemed like it’d be bad form to blog about the new iPhone’s HD video camera and built in iMovie editor – especially as I’ve been moaning for 2 years about Nokia’s decision to kill their excellent in-phone editor.

My mobile videoblog started out in 2007 with videos that were shot, cut and posted straight from my N93. It frustrated me that over the years, Nokia had resigned their considerable lead in this area, and let Apple overtake them – despite Apple’s repeated reluctance to introduce video & in-phone editing.

But as I was talking about all this on Twitter, Dan Goodall from Nokia pointed me to some impressive test footage from the new Nokia N8’s HD camera (below), and an Engadget article about the N8’s built-in video editor (video from this article also embedded below).

It may seem like a geek sport at first glance, but mobile filmmaking excites me because it’s all about the ease & immediacy of having a complete filmmaking tool in your pocket – for personal & holiday videos, reporting live events and creative storytelling. Capturing, editing and posting without having to mess about with transferring to a computer, filing, converting, exporting, uploading, etc. I was excited about the quality & ease of the iPhone, and now even happier that Nokia are still pushing the boundaries too.

Nokia N8 Sample HD Video:

Nokia N8 in-phone editor:

(Video editor overview starts at 2min 47s)